Alexandar Michaels

The Alexandar Michaels experience has over 30 years in the business behind it…

 The fashions were very different back in 1981 when young Alex Filceski started in menswear at John Stephens. The journey would lead to today's Alexandar Michaels.

Alex learnt the trade old school style in stores like Grace Brothers, Ron Rolls and Michaels, once dubbed Australia's finest menswear shop. There were fashion boutiques like Jean Connection and Tramps along the way.

Over 30 years, that's a lot of customers and a lot of clothes. A huge amount of experience in recognising quality, knowing what people want, getting the fit exactly right and keeping an eye on changing trends and styles.

Whether it's classic, comfort, casual, formal or business wear, made-to-measure or something special for weddings…Alexandar Michaels is uniquely experienced to help you.

Special services for our customers:

•    Appointments for busy people at almost any time.
•    We can bring garments to try at your home or workplace.
•    Purchases on approval for people who can't be in store.
•    Flexible arrangements for gift purchases.