Alexandar Michaels

Our magical ability to turn back time!
Setting the standard in menswear and expert service

 That headline got you in, and so will the Alexandar Michaels service. Remember the days when outfitters for men wore a tape measure and possibly a green eye visor? We’re a bit old school like that.

Service at Alexandar Michaels starts before you come into our store.

In our buying trips to Europe and our careful assessment of the latest products and trends to ensure they meet our quality standards and suit our customers. In short, we do the shopping around for you!

When you’re in store we give you our full attention, taking the time to discern your preferences and answer your questions. Your selection is unhurried, without pressure.

Our fittings are expert, something you’ll remember when your purchases feel so good years afterwards.

Yes, we do turn back time a little, to the days when service meant something. Alexandar Michaels service means a lot to our customers.


•    Appointments for busy people at almost any time.
•    We can bring garments to try at your home or workplace.
•    Purchases on approval for people who can't be in store.
•    Flexible arrangements for gift purchases.